In Montana, a Road Trip Can Cover a LOT of Miles!

Well, we made it to the St. Regis Flea Market, and are back in one piece. It was a long haul, 598 miles round trip, plus about an extra 100 miles doing tourage around the area since neither of us had spent time in that part of MT before. It is a really beautiful place to visit.





We got there early Friday evening, and checked into our room.

It was pretty sketchy, but allowed pets, so we just bit the bullet since there aren't many options in an itty bitty town like that. They did have these cute little humming birds just outside the office, at least half a dozen.



We got up bright and early Saturday morning and were lucky to get a parking place nice and close.

We made a quick trip thru to do an overview, then had to head over to their food pavilion/cabin since we were having major caffeine withdrawal. They had 2 choices for breakfast; pancakes, eggs, and sausage or bacon – or – biscuits with sausage gravy, and eggs. So while Bruce waited in line, I zipped over to the Hutterites booth where they had a multitude of baked goods (since I don't eat meat), and got a pan of cinnamon rolls.

Oh YUM! The cinnamon rolls were delish, and Bruce said his breakfast was wonderful as well. The bonus was, I got to have those cinnamon rolls for the next 3 days for breakfast!

There were lots of folks there enjoying the good grub.

And a couple little beggars who also thought the cinnamon rolls were pretty darn good!

Then we got down to business! I hadn't seen a lot of furniture on our quick sashay thru, but there was A LOT of smaller stuff to dig thru.




Several booths had Lodge-y type stuff.


Some of it was really intriguing, but I think I already have plenty enough of this kind of stuff to fill up the cabin without having to spend money on more.



The booth above had beautiful lodge pole pine furniture. I wish we could furnish the whole cabin with the awesome stuff, but it costs an arm and a leg.

I was really hoping to find antique cabinetry pieces that we could fashion into kitchen cupboards for the cabin. No such luck, darn it! I was disappointed, but it was still a pretty road trip. We did go to 4 or 5 antique stores in and around St. Regis. There was a really nice one in Missoula that had 4 floors full! We didn't end up with a lot of stuff, but what we did find was good stuff!

This is what I ended up with –

The booth owner gave us 50% off on this old print.



For my doggy collection, a staffordshire looking hound.


This wooden sign reminded me of Yellowstone Park signage, and will look cute at the cabin.


Bruce said this will work at the end of the bed at the cabin to sit and put our shoes on.....He bought it for me for me for my birthday present!

So that's a round up of our holiday/birthday/much needed road trip weekend! Even tho I didn't get the furniture pieces I had hoped for, all things for a reason. It would have been a challenge storing any big stuff, and Bruce is so tied up with a work project that the cabin refurbishing is going at a snails pace right now.





Season of Cozy

A beautiful fall day, and Halloween is just around the corner!

Love this photo I pulled from Facebook.


Lovely Vermont, from our vaca there a few years ago.




My own backyard, the Yellowstone River.






Fall at the farm.


More from our Vermont trip.






A spooky but beautiful cemetery in New Hampshire.





A beautiful photo from Facebook, by talented photographer Kim Tashjian.

A collection of some of my favorite pics that give me a very nostalgic, fall-y feeling 🙂

Happy Halloween, Happy Fall!






Missing New England dreadfully this fall.

As pretty as it is here in my home state, there is just something magical about the northeastern states this time of year.

I would vacation there every single year if I could manage it.

For some odd reason, it seems to bring about a sense of deep nostalgia for me.

The magnificent fall colors, covered bridges, amazing cemeteries, beauty, and historical magnitude are awe inspiring.




And don't even get me started about the phenomenal antique stores at every turn!

I could have taken hundreds of pictures of just the amazing houses in the quaint little towns we visited!

A lot of the blogs I frequent belong to people from New England. I can't get enough of the scenery and info about the area.


As wide and wonderful as our grand United State are, it probably seems silly to want to return to one small area over and over, but Vermont, New Hampshire,and Maine have captured my heart!





Doh – More %{?£*# SNOW

So, how about some pretty pictures of Hawaii……

Maybe you live in a place where there is actually hope of Spring being just around the corner. That does not seem to be the case here. So, in order to placate my own grumpy, restless, hairpulling self, I'll dust off some of my 6 year old Hawaiian vacation pictures and give myself at least a visual break from the snow, snow, snow around here. Even if it is lovely weather where you live, Hawaii is still awfully darn pretty to look at, any time.


Beautiful, pounding surf.


Whale watching.

Dolphins kept everybody on the boat entertained.

They would swim up to the boat, stick their heads out of the water, and look right at you. I wanted to pet one so bad. I suppose that is the same way tourists feel when they come to Yellowstone, and that's why a lot of them end up gored by a buffalo, or stomped by an elk etc., because they don't want to be petted by no darn tourists. Needless to say, I kept my hands in the boat.

We were on the Big Island, where even being so far away, there were lots of reminders of home. Lots of cows and horses, and open ranch land.


This was the beach at Honolulu. There was not a shortage of people there for sure.


They had some mega goldfish at a downtown shopping center. I don't know if they were considered koi or not; I'm not up on my fish breeds.

There were lots of funky people standing around on the streets in downtown Honolulu, all with different costumes or talents. Each had boxes for you to toss money into as you passed – here is one fella we went by, sitting still as a statue.


This giamongous aquarium was in the hotel we stayed at. You could watch the fish as you ate breakfast. The guy swimming around with them was cleaning the glass inside the tank. That would be a fun and different job, wouldn't it?

They had so many beautiful and different kinds of flowers and birds, everywhere you looked.




Beautiful sunsets.


We went to a Luau, waited a very long time for our dinner, and very shortly after the show started, here came the rain. The show cancelled, and we all ran back to our rooms, getting soaked in the process. At least the rain was warm. I was sad we missed out because they really sock you in the pocketbook for that kind of touristy entertainment, and if Mother Nature interrupts, too bad, no refunds.

We had wanted to go snorkeling, but while we were on the Big Island, a volcano erupted a little, which caused what they refer to as “vog” (volcanic fog). It makes it overcast and the water is dark from the cover, so when snorkeling you can't see the fish very well at all, we were told. So that plan got chucked.

It was a pretty view of town from the balcony on our room. The wind was warm, and it was so nice to sit and listen to the ocean.




So many places we stopped looked just like a postcard.

Had to visit King Kamehameha.

Lots of folks enjoyed this very calm swimming spot.


There, now I feel much better. It's nice and dark out, so I can't see the frozen tundra on the other side of my window. I can go to bed thinking of warm trade winds, sunny skies, and cocoanut drinks 🙂 Not that I'm griping or anything.





Deja Vu….. New England

My bucket list contained 4 very important things to me (gosh, that must be why it’s a bucket list!), one being a trip to Vermont. In the last 4 years, I have been lucky enough to vacation in New England twice. I absolutely love it there – don’t ask me why, but I have felt drawn to that area for as far back as I can remember. Our last visit there was in September last year, and it was a miracle that we were able to go. Bruce had a bad motorcycle accident in the mountains here last August. He completely severed 3 of the 4 ligaments that hold your knee together, which required a pretty extensive surgery. That was bad enough, but to complicate things even more, he already had our trip to Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine lined out, plane tickets bought, and deposits on condos paid. So how was this poor broken fella going to make it thru the bazillion antique stores that were the biggest part of our plans? I guess where there’s a will, there’s a way. He started out barely being able to make it down our sidewalk on his crutches, but just kept working at it and building up his strength on them til when it was time to go a month later, he was darn near a pro at it. But getting thru airport terminals on crutches is no easy task. Flying out was dreadful. Making the connections was really a challenge. We did not check any luggage because we knew how hard it would be with just me as the pack mule. I had his carry on, my carry on, my camera, and one little canvas bag to pack treasures back from our trip. I knew restraint would have to be practiced (not easy for me when antiques are involved), and I would have to be really impressed with something in order for it to go in my treasure bag. We arrived safely, got to our rental for a good nights rest, and were off and running the next morning.

Our rental in NH for the 1st 4 nights

We stopped at every antique shop we came across, took our time wandering thru them, and really enjoyed ourselves. If we had a nickel for every time Bruce had to explain his boo-boo it would have paid for our trip 🙂 .

We found this cute shop a day or 2 into our trek, and I found something I thought was amazing enough to go into the all important treasure bag.

And here is my awesome, super cool find!!!


Well, I sure thought it was – Bruce kinda looked at me like I’d lost my marbles, but he shrugged and went to haggle with the gal a little bit. He got her to come down $6 off the price, and the chief was mine! It’s a very old candle holder, the likes of which I had never seen before.

So, I’m just as pleased as punch, and we keep on shopping. Bruce is doing great, we’re having wonderful time seeing so many wonderful sights and beautiful scenery. I’m in leaf peeper heaven!



A few days later we drove to Maine. On the route 1 coastal drive from York to Wells there are a ton of amazing antique stores. We stopped at a very large shop in Ogunquit, and I found another small, extremely pretty (well I thought so) piece of history to go home with me. It was a beautiful little hand painted swan, made in Czechoslovakia. She was carefully wrapped and packed into the canvas bag with the other wonderful necessities I had found in our travels.

A few more days of sight seeing….





and too soon it was time to jump on the plane for home. It was tricky, but everything I had literally stuffed into the canvas bag made it home unscathed.

Now, the funny part about this whole story is, this summer I was rummaging at an estate sale where they had just dumped things everywhere at this property – inside the house, outside on tables and blankets, in sheds, barns, and shops – and what do you suppose I found

Yep, another chief! My eyes about popped out of my head. There was no “negotiating” over this one – the price was 25 cents!

And it wasn’t but a few weeks after this positively miraculous event that I was at our little town’s thrift shop, and low and behold

another beautiful little swan from Czechoslavakia! 1 Dollar! Can ya believe it? How ironic that we flew clear across the United States, I was lucky enough to find 2 lovely old things that I thought were so very unusual, just to come back to my little Montana hometown and find their near twins! What the heck are the odds?