Moose On The Loose

We've been zipping back and forth to the cabin so often the last several weeks, it has given us a greater opportunity to see an abundance of the wildlife living in our area. I have seen some of the most beautiful birds, but when you are rolling down the highway, it is tough to get pulled over in time to catch a photo of them. There is, of course, no shortage of deer. I think they are so pretty, but they are dumb as rocks when it comes to the highway; I drive in fear of one jumping out. There have been quite a few antelope around. We even have half a dozen or so that hang about in the pasture at the end of our street here in town.

Last weekend we were ever so lucky to come across what was probably a family of moose. This is photo overkill, but they posed so nicely a just kept on clicking.

This cow was moseying about, grazing, but you can see she was a bit annoyed.

This young bull was about 150 feet behind the cow, and was doing his best to romance her, but she was having none of it.


She just tended to her business, but kept her ears back most of the time. He was not to be dissuaded. He just kept sneaking on up. I'm sure he eventually got a comeuppance.


Her this year's calf kept popping in and out of the brush, but kept his/her distance. I wasn't quick enough to get a photo of the baby. If we hadn't been in such a rush to get up to the cabin, I could have spent a good hour there watching them.


A bit further down the road, we came upon this young fellow.

He stood so nice and still for me. I was thrilled, but really wish all of these moose had been a bit more skittish, because I hate like the dickens to see them hunted. They are so much more rare than the hundreds upon hundreds of deer here, and even the elk are much more plentiful.


I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he is last year's baby of the cow we saw.


When I was coming down from the cabin a few weeks ago, a huge bull burst out of the trees and ran along side the truck til I slowed down to grab the camera. He then cut in front of me, then dropped down and ran toward the creek.

It all happened so fast, this is the only clear pic I was able to get of him, and he was already far and away. He was amazing – nearly black, with a massive rack that I would bet was nearly 6 feet wide. As he ran along side the truck, he was close enough I could see his eye, the shininess of his coat, and that huge rack. I was mightily impressed and feel that was a once in a lifetime blessing.

Dang, I love this beautiful state I live in! Not for 1 second do I take it for granted.






My itty bitty brain is just whirling – just a few weeks ago it was snowing pretty mightily around here; now it feels like full blown summer. I mean windows open, birds tweeting, grass growing inches per day summer! A few weeks ago, I was a domestic diva 🙂 tending my house, chopping wood, keeping my laundry up; now I'm back to alarm clock waking, trying to figure out what would be fastest to prepare for dinner after work, and making lists so I can try to keep up with everything that needs to be done in my very condensed at-home-time. Yup, no mo fairytale, it's back to the real world.

So, in order to try and achieve a little zen, I will share some pictures of random this and thats I have captured in the spare minutes I've grabbed over the last several days.




I have lots of pretty little flowers popping out. I was sad to see that I did lose many plants and ornamental bushes to this vicious winter we just escaped from – what a cold mean bugger he was!

We have had a few pretty substantial downpours over the last few weeks, and the bright side to that, along with the glorious greenness that presents itself, are these wonderful gifts from nature –

Morels! Oh, they are so yummy! Just soak them in water with a few teaspoons of salt and about a teaspoon of vinegar to dislodge any buggies trying to make a morel it's home, drain 'em, make sure they are nice and clean, cut them in half lengthwise, and drop them into a frying pan with a little butter, olive oil, sea salt, smoked paprika, and a smidge of pepper. For real, they are a gourmet gift to your taste buds! My big little son went down to the river and scouted out a few, which we ate for dinner that night. The next day he went out to my folk's farm and found about a quart of them. They are shiny clean and residing in the freezer, to be carefully doled out on special occasions.


There were at least a dozen Western Tanangers in my yard today, flitting about, eating from the suet feeder, and having a merry time. I just love watching all the birds that come to my yard. I think this giant window we put in during the kitchen remodel was the smartest thing we've done with this house. Actually, that would probably be second to the Tulikivi.

I changed a few things around in the family room. I found a beautiful print by one of our local artists, downtown at an antique/junk store. I needed another picture like I need a hole in the head, but it was so reasonably priced I couldn't resist.

I had the frame which I'd purchased several summers ago at a yard sale, so just had to have a mat cut and was good to go. It is a Russell Chatham print. I looked thru his archives online, and I believe this one is named “March Afternoon”. I truly love his work. He has lived here for decades, and the biggest majority of his art is done of this area, primarily Paradise Valley. His lithos and oil paintings go for many thousands of dollars, so I was happy to just be able to have stumbled across a print I could afford. Any kind of affordable work of his is about as scarce as hen's teeth to find. (Sorry about the reflections on the picture – I don't know how to get around that in photography yet.)

I found the “Indian Lane” street sign at a rummage sale the week before I started work. (Don't even get me started on having missed the last 4 weeks of rummage saling – I could just cry about it!) The metal Indian head is also a rummage sale find from a summer past.

Work has begun on the cabin.



It's still chilly enough in the evenings to have to start the wood stove up.

Coming home we saw this Mama and baby. Within a half mile stretch we saw the moose, at least a dozen deer, 10 antelope (which was strange because we were still in the mountains and they usually prefer being out on the flats), and these 2 courting cranes below.

So, that's a lot of randomness for sure, and is probably just the tip of the iceberg for what the summer holds. We have a lot of irons in the fire! Guess I better stock up on Wheaties! Or spinach!





Hey, Where Did It All Go?

Made it thru the first week of the new job! Only a few mental collapses, a handful of melt downs, maybe 2 or 3 near complete nervous breakdowns. I think I masqueraded quite well and succeeded in containing most of it fairly neatly inside my little pointed head. I'll just keep chugging my tension tamer tea and hope for the best!

I am going to have to work on some pretty severe brain retraining methods, though, because this job requires that I WORK EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY (Gasp!!) I am going to have to give up my very most favorite-est thing in the whole world – rummage saling 🙁

Oh Lordy Moses, how will I ever cope?

Anyway, while I was at work Saturday, Bruce and our big little son decided to try and forge their way up to the cabin. Since we were not able to mud bog our way in a few weeks ago, Bruce was getting a little anxious and wanted to make sure everything was OK after that huge, deep snow started to dissipate. So imagine their surprise when they were able to actually drive up the mountain the 5+ miles, and found green grass growing around the cabin!

So, we've gone from snow clear to the top of the gates and halfway up the cabin, to driving the truck right up to the front door! Go figure!




Ah, springtime in the Crazies. (Maybe the name says it all!)

Luckily, there didn't seem to be any new damage. Lot's of assessing pictures were taken, and now a remedying plan can start to be formulated.

They saw a moose this trip, but it was lightly snowing, and the phone camera doesn't have much of a zoom, so all in all not too clear.

She was still there when they came out, but was further away.

Maybe winter is behind us now, and we can begin to look forward to starting this new adventure! I am so anxious to spend time at this cute little house in the mountains!


Teresa 🙂