This and That

Not much going on, so this is going to be a scattered, random, pretty nonsensical post.

So, Declan has commenced losing her baby teeth. (YAY) It has been pretty hysterical! She lost her 2 front teeth first, and looked every bit a kindergartener. This was followed by the checkerboard look as the others in the frontline followed suit. Now she has a double row of the very sharp eye teeth. The new ones are coming in, and the baby ones remain tightly anchored. She will not sit still enough for me to take a picture of the full effect, but here is a very close likeness! (TeeHee 😉 )

She is growing by leaps and bounds, but is still pretty little! Since I take her to work with me, she gets to visit with a lot of folks. Most ask what breed she is, and I tell them her story, and that it's pretty much a mystery, but that I tend to think she is mostly Jack Russell terrier. Well, that opens the gate to the guessing game, and everyone has their very own opinion as to what they think she may be – I've been told she's everything from chihuahua to collie (?!?, she's only 8 pounds, don't think there's enough room in there for collie!), with everything in between…beagle, corgi, manchester, and on and on. If I was extremely wealthy I would order one of those doggy DNA kits to solve the mystery, but they are about $75! So I believe I will just start telling folks, with a very definitive air, that she is a genuine terrier mutsky.

I got a new phone for Christmas that has a camera. I didn't feel comfortable taking either of my “real” cameras to work for fear I would damage them. It is so darn pretty out there most days, I was just in mourning when something awesome would present itself (or my little beasty would do something adorable) and I was camera-less. I'm finding it's pretty hit-and-miss with this phone camera, but at least I can kinda capture the moment.

The heater was broken at work for about 3 weeks. It was COLD out there first thing in the morning til I could stoke up the space heater. Declan didn't fuss at all when we would go straight in and bundle her tight in her shop blankey.

After it warmed up some, she was ready to visit with folks as they came thru, or wrestle around with her toys. She is so good at work, no trouble at all. It is really nice to have her for company during slow spells.

There is absolutely no zoom on this phone camera. Which is a shame, because if you could see how the light is reflected off the Crazy Mountains bright and early in the morning – it is breathtaking! Magnify this by about 100 (which is how my eye sees it), and this is just a quarter of the 360 degree view I have all around me at work.

I can remember sitting in my cubicle at my old job (where I had spent my entire adult life), stacks of papers and books all around me, feeling overwhelmed and sick with stress, and just thinking “if I could just sit and look out the window for a minute, I would feel so much better”. Thank you, Lord, I've gotten my wish! It is a grand thing for your mind and soul when you have a phenomenal job!

I've not gotten to the cabin yet this winter. Bruce tries to make it worth his while when he goes, so usually leaves Saturday morning and comes back Sunday evening. I work every Saturday, so our schedules are not in sync. But it has been dreadfully cold and windy this winter so far, so guess I can hold out on going and not be too terribly sad. His snowmachine is out of commission presently, so he is grounded til he can get it repaired. Since we had some weekend time together, we went to dinner at the Chinese restaurant last Saturday and did a bit of tourage on the gerbil wheel here in town.

This big boy came over to see what the dickens we were looking at.


A couple of old abandoned log homes down on the island. See the doe standing to the right at the 2nd cabin? I can't believe someone hasn't fixed these up. You just don't see abandoned homes in our area much, if ever. I was appalled when we vacationed in New England and saw so many awesome, historical homes boarded up, or in a derelict falling down state. It just made me heart-sick! I told Bruce if we could figure out how to transport them to Montana for cheap, we could plop them on a couple acres, fix them up, and sell them for bazillions of dollars! But that is a far fetch between New Hampshire and Montana.


Even when it's cold and blustery, you can still find something wonderful to do if you're up for it. See the fisherman mid-picture? He's not letting the weather slow him down any! We saw lot's of folks walking their dogs, kids sledding, even one couple cross country skiing right on the streets in town!

We stopped and fed the ducks at the park.

FLASH MOB! Boy, were they hungry! Lots of folks feed them, but it's just been so cold, they need lots of feed.
No skaters tho. It's been too darn windy. It makes the ice freeze like ~~^~~^~~^~~^~~ which is a much too rough surface to skate on.




More of these goofs in town. These guys were about a block from my house. They are totally urbanized and not scared a bit.

My favorite giant.


Late afternoon New Years Day out at my folk's farm. We had a fun potluck, and my Mom made a kettle of chili and some delish desserts.

That's about all the excitement I have for now! Bet it about knocked your socks off 🙂





Historic Districts

I had to bring the truck over the hill to Bruce earlier this week. He had gotten a door from a fellow on Craigslist, but had driven his car to work not knowing that this guy would contact him so quickly and he'd have to pick it up that day. We decided to make a date of it. Those are few and far between in our world, so it was Carpe Diem 🙂 I pulled into town around 4, went to an antique store I rarely stop at because it is so wretched trying to find a parking place there, spent about an hour looking around, found a bazillion cool things, but didn't spend a dime (so proud of myself). Picked Bruce up (and the door) around 5, and did some fine dining at Burger King. Then we drove over to the Historic District, parked the truck, and started hiking. Bruce just got a new snazzy phone from work, so we decided to take a few pics while we were hoofing it. This is just a tiny sampling of the beautiful historic homes there.


2 shots of the same house, to show the pretty windows.

I felt weird getting too close to take the pictures. Wish you could see the detail of the way they painted these porch posts.

The porch, a couple of the brick walls and their windows on this house are all curved. That includes the glass in the windows. I bet they pray no kids with baseballs get near their house, that curved glass can't be easy to replace!

I love the fretwork on these old homes. It is very detailed.

I am about 97% sure that this house above was in an issue of This Old House magazine several years ago. It was a very interesting article about the near total renovation of this home while they lived in a teeny apartment above the garage on the property.

There are a few brightly colored homes, like the one above, but it seems for the most part in the district, the colors are pretty demure, or the homes are brick.



This house has a very large and pretty side lot that they have meticulously landscaped.

Here is a closer shot of the front of that house.


This plaque stands in the front yard of the home shown in the 2 pictures above this one. There is a lot of history intertwined in this home, the people who resided there, and the extended family.

See the picture window next to the porch on this home? There is a beautiful stained glass window at the top if you look. I felt pretty brazen taking a picture of this in broad daylight so I had decided to skip it, and Bruce just grabbed the phone/camera from me and took it! Nobody came out of the house and chased us with a broom or anything!


This tour only encompassed about a 6 or 8 block radius. There are many, many more homes in this area that are just amazing.

After looking at the above pictures, I decided it was only fair to share the Historic District where I live, so I took my iPad out for a drive a few days later (Glee came with and helped 🙂 )

Our little town has but one street where the affluent built big, fancy homes around the turn of the century. That was when the railroad really took off and the town started to grow exponentially. Here are a few of the finest –

This is called the Talcott Mansion. You should see this house decorated at Christmastime – gorgeous!

Presently, this house is on the market, listed for $449,500.00, which makes folks around here's eyes bug out. It is very pretty inside, but that's a lot of moolah for an in town house for sure! At least in this town.

A former B&B, this house now has new owners and is a private residence. It used to be the kind of house kids were scared of and was the subject of imaginative, gruesome, made up stories. It was completely covered in some kind of clinging vine type plant, neglected, and just downright scary! When the very old fellow that lived there passed away, a young couple bought it, and really polished it up. I went thru it several years ago during a B&B tour the Soroptomists or somebody had, and it is a beautiful, grand old home.

This is the old Catholic Convent. It has been a private residence for a long time. A girl I went to grade school with lived here and I was invited to her birthday party one year. They had 5 kids in their family. Even tho they did a lot of updating in the house, they left the bathroom the same way as when the nuns lived there, with multiple toilets in stalls, like a big Walmart bathroom! Being a kid, I thought that was a pretty neat set-up! I don't know if they kept it that way or not after all their kids moved out.

I used to babysit in this house a lot. Even as a kid I could really appreciate the beauty of this home. It had a ton of architectural detail inside: wide oak woodwork that had never been painted, a warming fireplace in the entryway, huge pocket doors between the formal dining room and parlor, the original wallpaper that had been hung when the house was built and it was still pristine, phenomenal light fixtures with blown glass globes that if ever broken I don't know how one would replace them. It was truly awesome. That family doesn't live there anymore. I hope the people that live there now kept the integrity of the home intact.

This home had fallen in terrible disrepair, and some lady moved here several years ago, bought it in it's sorry condition, and restored it to it's former glory. That makes me so happy to see an old house restored and loved again.

I hope someone does that with this old place. It was the first hospital in this town and has been a lot of different things over the years. It is currently on the market for $175,000.00. It is huge, right next to downtown, and will take globs of money to fix up.

Some people are willing to take on that kind of monumental task, tho. A few years ago someone bought this old school here in town that had been boarded up for decades. They have steadily been making improvements and it is looking pretty impressive compared to what they purchased. It is somewhat of a mystery as to what it is going to eventually be – I don't know anybody that has the story, which is odd, cuz folks in this little town like to speculate 🙂

This is turning into a mighty long post, so I'll shut it down for now. I'll do a post someday of the pretty churches we have around here, and also the train depot is pretty worthwhile to look at – they had some really skilled craftsmen and builders back in the day.