Happy Birthday to my Honorary Irish Siamese Cat

She doesn't care if it's her birthday, she does not want her picture taken.


Born on St. Patrick's Day, pretty Miss Angel turned 18 years young today! My big little son (who was just my little son way back then) and I decided on a whim one day to go to the local shelter to pet and play with all the lonlies there. We walked in the door, and about 1 minute later were making arrangements to take home a beautiful little Siamese Mama cat and her one and only 2-day-old baby. They had been abandoned in an apartment by run away renters, and the landlord brought them to the shelter the day Angel was born, which was St. Paddy's Day.

She's always been on the reserved side (and just a tad bit grumpy), compared to her Mama who was talkative and a lot more interactive. As she's gotten older, she's less shy and less distant, but I think in part that's because she hasn't had her Mom to lean on (since Asia passed away a few years ago), and relies more on us for company.

She likes the poochies a lot, and they really like her, but these wild woollies are a bit too rambunctious at times for her to handle. Once in a while she takes it upon herself to discipline them, just a little. When they get in crazy mode and jump on her chair, she is forced to lean over and give them a good bite on the leg. They know then it's time to simmer down, and they let her get back to her all important snoozing. When they are being good mannered and calm, Angel is happy to have one or both of the doggies sit in the chair with her, snuggle up and relax.



She sleeps a lot these days, which is to be expected as she is a cat, and an ancient one to boot! But on occasion, when she's having a perky spell, we can still tempt her to play with a string, or she'll zip around and pretend scratch on furniture, or ask to go outside on a sunny day and make a lap around the yard. Then she'll settle back in her favorite chair, and resume napping.

I sure love the little thing, and feel blessed having had her in our lives for this good long stretch, and hope to have her around for a long time more! Happy Birthday my sweet Angel cat!





Bark in the Park, 2015

I've been blogging for just over 2 years; can't believe it! One of the first posts I did was on the Bark in the Park fundraiser for our local animal shelter. I missed last year for some reason, but was able to get to it this year. It seems like folks really enjoy it, and it is certainly for a good cause.

There was every size and shape poochie you could imagine there –


I bet this big Mastiff weighed at least 175 pounds.







These German Shepards were extremely well mannered. They were off leash and followed every command their master gave them.

They had a cute costume contest –




These little gals placed second with their doggy dressed as a skunk, and them costumed as bottles of tomato juice!

The police department put on a demonstration with the K-9 police dog, Bobi. They did a drug detection demo, and had another officer suit up for an attack demo.



There was an agility course –



And then they opened the pool for water sports –

This photo from Facebook

There were other fun money raising activities; Have your picture taken with the magical unicorn! –

Or a short jaunt on a camel around the grounds –


Declan and Piper would have had a very fun time at the event I'm sure, but Miss Piper is quite the whirling dervish, and I knew I wouldn't be able to hang on to her and get a photo that was not a blurry mess, so they just stayed home and played run and wrestle.

There are a lot of good folks out there that love their critters! Too bad all folks can't be that way, then the need for for shelters would be greatly reduced. But I'm glad people rally to support all the little fuzzies that can't take complete care of themselves, and need a helping hand until they find their forever home.


Teresa πŸ™‚



Piper is Home

Well, it's a done deal. This little gal is at her forever home.

I think, as far as having a few days adjustment time goes, Declan is having a harder time than Piper. Although, Piper has some very obvious trauma issues for sure. She is scared of boots, scared of baseball caps, and terrified of sticks. She is having a very difficult time warming up to Bruce. When we got home from Anaconda, she was doing pretty well. She really likes Declan (but I'm not sure the feeling is fully reciprocated yet), and was doing fine moseying around the house. Then Bruce picked up a measuring stick to push Declan's toy out from under the bookshelf, and Piper tucked her tail and ran to the corner where she just cowered. Poor little baby. Who knows what all she has endured.

She was found wandering as a stray on the Browning Indian Reservation. She was taken to a shelter in that area, then transported to the shelter in Anaconda. Then, the lady that runs the shelter took her to her house for about a week. She was taken to the veterinary clinic and spayed on the 3rd, then back to the shelter. We picked her up on the 5th and drove 135 miles home. The vet that spayed her thinks she is probably around 8 months old, and definitely less than a year. I can't believe she is as trusting and happy as she seems right now. That's a pretty rough life for a baby, and she most certainly displays signs of abuse. I told her when we walked in the house, whatever she's had to go thru before now she can forget about, because she doesn't have to worry a bit with her new crew. We'll do our dangedest to give her the best life possible.

Declan warmed up to her fairly quickly, but if it was up to Piper, the running and hopping would last 4 hours straight. That's a bit much when Declan was just used to playing with Glee for about 10 minutes at a stretch. So when Piper is persistent about playing, it makes Declan afraid, and she tries to run away from her. She has had 2 bad crash and burns trying to outrun the play monster, and is now limping pretty badly on her right front leg. We have have had to intervene and pack Declan around much more than she is used to. We also let her lay on our bed with the door shut to escape for a little quiet time.



I think things will wind down and norm out; all in good time. Declan is just such a shy little thing, it is hard for her to be around a normal acting, rambunctious puppy. Glee was like a loving little Nanny to her, always tolerant, carefully playful, and so patient with her, that this little ruffian is fairly startling to deal with!

Anyone considering pet adoption, please look into Pintler Pets in Anaconda, MT. As I write this, there are 82 cats/kittens, and 38 dogs/puppies in their little, bare bones shelter. Pat, the shelter administrator, said they are getting another shipment of dogs/puppies this coming Saturday from the reservation. We have a new, very fancy pants ,deluxe shelter in our town, and it seems they usually have only 4 to 10 dogs at most. I went out there yesterday to try to find a mesh vest harness for Piper before we go back to work tomorrow. I talked with the lady working the desk and asked her why the don't take some of the animals to help Pintler Pets. She said she would talk to her boss to try and get some of the overflow. I really hope she is good for her word. There is a desperate need for homes for these many animals!





To Every Thing There Is A Season

When I started this blog almost 2 years ago, I knew I wanted it to be a “no trauma, no drama” blog. Just sharing lots of beautiful scenery from my little Montana town and surrounding area, occasional changes and additions to my home and gardens, fun snippets about my sweet critters, that sort of thing. No droning on and on about personal things, family malfunctions, health problems, political goings on, etc., etc.

So, I guess I'm going against my own self imposed rules with this post, but these last 11 months have been tough ones, and have left big gaping holes in what I like to talk a lot about.

Three weeks ago today, we lost our sweet little Glee. We are all sick and heartbroken. I have been thru this so many times with pets, and it never, never gets any easier. It is all I can do to post these pictures of her that were taken such a short time ago.

Just 1 short month before Glee passed, our cherished little Mama cat, Asia, very unexpectedly passed away. As hard as that was, we were a bit more braced for it as she was 17 years old, and age was making her fade a little bit each day, right before our eyes. She still ate well, but I'm sure weighed less than a pound when she died.

And last year in July, we lost our Rootin' Tootin' Twister. At nearly 17 1/2 we knew his days were numbered, but it sure doesn't make it any less heart wrenching.

So here we are with little miss Declan, who is lost without Glee. Without a doubt, Glee was the very most important thing in her life, far above the people in our household. Every morning she gets up and goes from room to room looking for Glee.

And our baby cat Angel, who at age 16, has never been without her mother Asia. She is horribly sad and bewildered – it is truly obvious how forlorn she is. They were always snuggled together in their porch basket, or snoozing together on the recliner or couch.




I know I can't bring another cat home. At Angel's age, and with her temperament, there is no way she could cope with a new cat. Not that I even want to, but if having a companion would help her, I would certainly do that for her. And there are so very many that need homes. But, I know Angel so well that I understand it would only scare and alienate her. And she certainly does not need that right now.

But miss Declan is another story. She is still a baby. At 10 months of age, she needs someone to play with and develop a bond. Dogs are pack animals, after all. So, being the not terribly bright people that we are, we will get up early tomorrow morning, hop in the truck, and head for Anaconda. It is there that we have an appointment with the animal shelter, to meet an 8 month old terrier mix puppy, that, like Declan, is another reservation rescue dog. We will see how that all pans out, and I will most assuredly be back with an update! Oh my Lord, I just hope we don't come home with the whole back seat full of fluffy tail-waggers!






Lucky little Declan got invited to a play date. Sure looks like she could use some fun time, doesn't it! (So bored!)

We were lucky enough to be invited over to play with this baby girl, who, like Declan, was also adopted after a rescue from a reservation.

Cricket is just 3 months old, and her new mom thought it might be fun for she and Declan to get together to play since they're both babies. So we popped over to their house knowing we were in for an adventure!

There were so many awesome, fuzzy, bouncy, and squeaky toys! Glee was happy to meet everybody, but once she figured out we weren't there for a smorgasbord, she had better things to do than play. So she just explored while everyone else was playing in the yard.

This is Cricket's family; her Mom tickling her tummy, Waylon the Corgi, and Maisey the mystery mix. She, too, was a reservation adoption puppy.

Here is a better pic of sweet Maisey.

Declan was pretty reserved when we got there, and we all tried our best to get her to run and play, but it was just too darn scarey she thought. She gave it a shot a time or 2…

But when the other dogs paid any attention to her, it was back to hiding between my feet, or finding Glee and gluing herself to her side.

So, it was a great exercise in learning to be social, and was a wonderful way to spend part of a beautiful, blue skyed Monday! Thanks so much for the invite, Cricket, Waylon, Maisey, and Amy!


Teresa πŸ™‚



A Birthday Present for Mr. Bruce

Here it's his birthday, and he is slaving away at the cabin (for reals – he's desperately trying to get the new foundation in place before it snows). It's an exceptionally beautiful day and I am very much enjoying his birthday present while he is away. I don't feel a bit guilty because every year, for any occasion I would merit getting a gift, I always ask for something that benefits all of us. Usually something for the house, and usually it entails labor. More than a couple of times I've heard “why can't you just ask for jewelry, like most normal women?” Well, this year, his “present” is not just for him. It's something we will all love and share, hopefully for many, many years to come.

Her name is Declan, she is 8 weeks and 2 days old. She weighs just over 4 pounds and is about 5 inches tall at the shoulder. Her name is Irish/Gaelic and means “Full of Goodness”! Oh, are we ever in love, and I mean all of us including Glee. She arrived at the shelter in Bozeman, from a shelter in northeastern Montana that rescues animals from the Indian Reservation. Apparently on the reservations, they don't believe in spaying and neutering, because I checked 3 separate shelters in Montana, and they all had received an abundance of puppies and dogs that had been taken in during a sweep rescue from the reservation. Many were feral, and they keep those dogs longer to try and restore their health and socialize them so they will be adoptable.

We lost our little Rootin' Tootin' Twister in July. He was 16 years and 5 months old. That is amazingly elderly for a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd. He started failing badly. A lady that ran the Animal Welfare League in Laurel many years ago told me something that has stuck with me all these years. She said “We must remember to choose quality over quantity in the time our pets have here on earth; that is our duty to them.” So we decided it was time, and did our duty because we loved him. He was a fine and awesome little fellow, and it was truly a gift that he spent his life with us.

I had been very tentatively checking out adoptable dogs in shelters across the state, not sure if it was the right time to add another member to our family, but looking none-the-less (what is wrong with me? I just can't seem to help myself). Every so often, I would peruse the shelter sites, and Friday morning I had a break at work and decided to take a look. This little baby just sprang off the screen and basically said “Here I am! What the heck are you waiting for?” It said she was a Pembroke Corgi (like Glee), Chihuahua cross. So, a bit smaller than Glee, which is good because we need smaller for more portable now that we have the cabin. That way we can bundle them up and sling/secure them to the front of us, and we can all ride (putt-putt) in to the cabin on the snow machines this winter. I've seen folks perch their dogs in front of them on snowmobiles, but I think, for safety sake, I will try to fashion something out of a sheet to keep them secure against us when we ride in.

I decided to call the shelter and see if they had more info about her, because there was some conflicting info in her file they sent home. It turns out they have no idea what breed she is, as they just scooped up as many dogs and puppies as they could when they did the sweep. Apparently, they did not see parents of any of the puppies they collected, or if they did, they didn't know which babies went with who. So the shelter staff just guessed at her heritage. I think she looks very much Jack Russell terrier, but does have the Corgi coloring. Who knows? I just hope and pray she doesn't get St. Bernard sized. That would be more than a little inconvenient, but we would still love her πŸ™‚ !!

The way things fell into place, it seems it was just meant to be! I saw her on the shelter site Friday morning and contacted them immediately. There was another family that had sent in an application to adopt her, so I figured we were out. The shelter called Friday afternoon and said the other family had cancelled, that if we wanted to meet and possibly adopt her, we needed to get there that afternoon. They will not hold puppies because they want puppies placed and bonding with their new family ASAP, and they knew she would go fast. By a lucky twist of fate, Bruce was home, gathering equipment etc., to take to the cabin to start his foundation job. Bless his heart, he dropped everything and flew over to Bozeman to pick her up.

She has been such a good little baby. She cries for only a few minutes when I put her in her crate when we go to bed. She has slept all night long the 3 nights she has been here….knock on wood! I am so lucky that with the job I have now, she can go to work with me! I took her to work Saturday and she did so well. Glee has been so very patient with her, but it will be nice for her to have a break while Declan is at work with me. Puppies do tend to pester a bit!

There are so many animals out there that need families that love them, I am glad that we were able to shorten the list even by one! We will love and cherish her cuz we are of the clan of folks that are dedicated (probably beyond reason πŸ™‚ ) to their furry kids!





Of Roses and Poodles

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The date is wrong on the photo, but a few years ago we took a wonderful vacation to Portland, Oregon. I have been getting a lot of garden catalogs in the mail the last month, and it makes me think about how much I enjoyed visiting the Rose Test Garden at Washington Park in Portland.


I didn't have much of an opportunity to grow flowers before I moved to the CottageLodge, because the yard at my little house was so tiny and shady. Once settled here, I began gardening in earnest and really enjoy it. I am not terribly knowledgable still, but run on the premise that if I think a plant is pretty, I stick it in the flower bed, and if it lives, oh happy day, it's welcome to hang out, drink water, and snack on as much horse manure as it likes πŸ™‚ .


I had always been terribly prejudiced against roses and poodles….I thought they were fussy, needy, and way too froufrou for my tastes. Then by a strange twist of fate, I ended up having both! A lady in my town wanted to adopt a little dog. My Mom was friends with the lady that ran the Animal Welfare League in Montana. We ended up being the shuttle for a little white female poodle from the AWL to the lady in town that wanted her. Long story short, the lady had her for about 4 days, then decided she had forgotten just how much trouble it was to have a dog, and wanted to give her back – UGGHH – people! The poor little dog was blind in one eye, and had a big tumor on her hip, and I was certain that if we took her back to the AWL she would be put to sleep. So, guess where she came to live…..ya, at the anti-poodle girl's house. And I luv, luv, luvved her. She was the sweetest, smartest, most loyal little dog a body could ever hope to have for a friend. About 4 weeks after I got her, she got really sick in the middle of the night, and I was sure she was dying. I was just ready to call the vet, and out popped a puppy! That poor little gal had 4 babies that night; 2 were stillborn, 2 were OK. Who knows the extent of neglect she had suffered, and then to be pregnant to boot. Well, she was done with that part of her life forever, because she had a new mom that just so happened to be a born again poodle lover! I also ended up keeping her little boy baby, and one of my Grandma's best friends took the little girl baby (8 weeks later). At that time I had a Schnauzer, an Australian Shepherd (and they both came with wacky stories about how I ended up with them!), a Momma Poodle, and a baby Poodle, and was so breaking the law! The legal limit was 2 dogs per household in my town. Thank goodness I had awesome neighbors who didn't tattle on me. So, anyway, now I'm a confirmed poodle lover/promoter. Back to the roses πŸ™‚

My house was on the garden tour several summers ago. I had (still have) what one lady described as an English style garden. My definition is “Hardiness prevails smorgasbord garden”. I had about one of everything that works for zone 4 tossed into my flower bed, sans roses. Then one year little son proudly presented me with a rose bush for Mother's Day. I thanked him profusely, all the while thinking ppfffttt, it'll be dead in 2 weeks time cuz roses are sissies. Being the ignoramus that I was, I planted it in far too shady a spot, and left it for a goner. No special treatment, no bug deterrents, no rose food. Imagine my surprise when about a month later I went out to water and found my forgotten rose with the most beautiful, perfect, pearlescent white rose gently waving in the breeze. Hokey Dokey….Lesson learned, and I was more than a little ashamed of myself for being such a horrendous rose snob. That little rose bush bloomed it's heart out all summer long. It later got transplanted to a nice sunny spot, and now has about 8 other rose bushes for company, along with the menagerie of other whatnots that live in the garden. Roses are wonderful, give it all they've got plants. In my experience, they are very hardy and really do not require babying in the least. And what a pay off! So beautiful, and nothing smells as wonderful as roses in your yard on a warm summer evening. When the trip to Portland was in the planning stages, the test garden was at the top of the list to visit. What a treat it was! You really should make it a point to visit this garden if you ever find yourself in Portland some summer. It is phenomenal!










Source Google

(Not pics of my pudoodles, but cute ones!)





Over the River and thru the Woods

Today, going thru the pictures I have stored, I thought it might be fun to take you for a walk around my folk's place. These are taken at different times, so some are snowy, some are green grass and flowers. They used to raise sheep and goats, along with the miniature horses they still have, but have downsized considerably over the last few years. They have decided it is time to get a smaller place, so they have put the farm on the market (sniff… actually, it's more like wring out the darn handkerchief). It makes me sad, but it is a lot to take care of, especially the way they do – beautiful yard, painted fences, brush cleared on a big portion of the forty acres for grazing, etc.

The house is really only visible when the trees are bare. With everything leafed out, it's tricky seeing the house from the road.

To the right is the milk house. There was a stanchion inside, and that is where the goats were brought to be milked twice a day.

If only this barn could talk, the stories it could tell – it is about 115 years old.

The view to the northwest of their front door. (And, by the way, those are the mountains where our little Moose Springs cabin sits πŸ™‚ !)

A small area of their lovely, large yard, where my Mom toils away spring thru fall making it beautiful, and the deer uninvitedly eat all the fruits of her labor. Needless to say, she is not fond of the deer, and has rescued a hound dog from the animal shelter to prove the point. Except that plan fell thru, as the hound dog doesn't care if there are deer in the yard – she is busy keeping her eyes peeled for raccoons. So the job has fallen to the rescued poodle/schnauzer/muttsky dog to be the deer runner offer :). She chases the deer away while the mighty hound dog lounges in her chair in the TV room.


Here is a picture of said houndy dog. I just love her, the big goof. She is so smart and sweet. Her name is Lilly. I can't find a picture of Sophie the deer herder (who is equally smart and sweet). I'll have to get one of her the next time I go to the farm.



Luckily, they have a back hoe, so my Dad can haul in big rocks as my Mom landscapes to her hearts content.



If the farm doesn't sell right away, my Mom plans to turn this little round house into a studio so she can have her own private place to paint, sculpt, and be creative with whatever. She's tired of my Dad fiddling with her projects when she has them set up in the house πŸ™‚

A sunny spot in the round house garden.

The geese wander where they please around the farm, but don't ever leave the property.

The Shields River wends it's way around the pastures.

Grazing peacefully.

The backside of the barnyard.




Quintessential farm scene.

Sheep Mountain in the distance.



One of the barn kitties.

Jig is the boss horse, the only stallion they have on the farm.

A bunch of the girls, having fun.

Hope you enjoyed our walk around the farm. It's a really beautiful place to be. The inside of their house is every bit as charming as the rest of the place. I'll make it a point to post an inside tour soon.







Bark in the Park!


As an aside, before I delve into part 2, I thought it would be fun to take you to the Bark in the Park event they have every summer here. It’s a hoot!

I love poochies!

I even happen to have a few – My gal pal Glee Tallulah (Pembroke Welsh Corgi), and my pardner Rootin’ Tootin’ Twister “Rooti” (Australian Shepherd/Border Collie cross), resident stock dogs for my 3 lot spread up here in Big Sky Country πŸ˜‰

I’m going to let them stay home today while I attend the annual “Bark in the Park” fund raiser for the animal shelter here in town. Glee told me she and Rooti don’t feel like hobnobbing since it’s so darn hot out.

It was fun to watch all the events, and the dogs seemed to know that the afternoon was all about them. I didn’t see even one dog get cranky with another, it was just all about having fun!

They had a “which dog could jump the furthest” contest. They would throw a ball into the pool and supposedly the dogs were to leap into the water and retrieve it….the biggest majority of the dogs would outfox everybody and run to the pool stairs to walk in rather than jump! Everybody had a good laugh over those. A couple did eventually jump in and they of course won ribbons!


There was every size and shape.

These 2 were “sisters” from the same family.

This was Mo, a skateboarding superstar.

This was a very friendly little “fairy goddog” named Delta.

These little babies were all for adoption. They were all so busy and wiggly I unfortunately only got pictures of their south ends when they were headed north.

Anyway, it seemed a fun time was had by all, and I think they were able to raise a goodly sum of money for the shelter!

All in all, an awesome way to spend a beautiful summer afternoon.

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)

Teresa πŸ™‚