The Drive Home From the Cabin











What a beautiful day. If you click on the photos it will make them a bit bigger. I wish I could capture and pass on to you what it really feels like while driving thru the midst of this breathtaking scenery; the light and shadows, and hugeness of it all. The vastness and splendor is nearly indescribable. It just makes my heart swell to near bursting. Thank you, Lord, I am so fortunate to live here.






Some More Just Pretty

We took a ride up the valley a few days ago, just to soak up some gorgeous springtime scenery. It did not disappoint.




I am so very blessed to live here.

Here were a few gals napping and snacking closer to the fence near the road. Their little babies were playing nearby.



I thought she was particularly cute, so I played with her photo a bit, and might have one of these transferred to a small canvas.






I was surprised at how clear the water was. Usually when the snow starts to come off the higher elevations, it really muddies up these small tributaries, and they really start to roar.

Anyway, it was a fun day spent with my little family, and I cherished every minute.






Bruce had to take a road trip for work last week, and he was kind enough to stop and take a few pictures of this spectacular sight to share.

Horses grazing on the Big Sky horizon. Looks like a typical Montana vista, right? …….. Not quite!

Can you see why now?

These are all sculptures! A wonderful gift to Montana from a very talented artist. Find more of his story here. Check it out! There are terrific close ups of the sculptures, and the artist's story.

Two of the sculptures were stolen from this site awhile back, but thankfully were recovered and returned to the “herd”.

Be sure and bring binoculars if you ever plan to do a little tourage in our beautiful state, and this is just one of the things you'll be able to see up close and personal!


Teresa 🙂



Doh – More %{?£*# SNOW

So, how about some pretty pictures of Hawaii……

Maybe you live in a place where there is actually hope of Spring being just around the corner. That does not seem to be the case here. So, in order to placate my own grumpy, restless, hairpulling self, I'll dust off some of my 6 year old Hawaiian vacation pictures and give myself at least a visual break from the snow, snow, snow around here. Even if it is lovely weather where you live, Hawaii is still awfully darn pretty to look at, any time.


Beautiful, pounding surf.


Whale watching.

Dolphins kept everybody on the boat entertained.

They would swim up to the boat, stick their heads out of the water, and look right at you. I wanted to pet one so bad. I suppose that is the same way tourists feel when they come to Yellowstone, and that's why a lot of them end up gored by a buffalo, or stomped by an elk etc., because they don't want to be petted by no darn tourists. Needless to say, I kept my hands in the boat.

We were on the Big Island, where even being so far away, there were lots of reminders of home. Lots of cows and horses, and open ranch land.


This was the beach at Honolulu. There was not a shortage of people there for sure.


They had some mega goldfish at a downtown shopping center. I don't know if they were considered koi or not; I'm not up on my fish breeds.

There were lots of funky people standing around on the streets in downtown Honolulu, all with different costumes or talents. Each had boxes for you to toss money into as you passed – here is one fella we went by, sitting still as a statue.


This giamongous aquarium was in the hotel we stayed at. You could watch the fish as you ate breakfast. The guy swimming around with them was cleaning the glass inside the tank. That would be a fun and different job, wouldn't it?

They had so many beautiful and different kinds of flowers and birds, everywhere you looked.




Beautiful sunsets.


We went to a Luau, waited a very long time for our dinner, and very shortly after the show started, here came the rain. The show cancelled, and we all ran back to our rooms, getting soaked in the process. At least the rain was warm. I was sad we missed out because they really sock you in the pocketbook for that kind of touristy entertainment, and if Mother Nature interrupts, too bad, no refunds.

We had wanted to go snorkeling, but while we were on the Big Island, a volcano erupted a little, which caused what they refer to as “vog” (volcanic fog). It makes it overcast and the water is dark from the cover, so when snorkeling you can't see the fish very well at all, we were told. So that plan got chucked.

It was a pretty view of town from the balcony on our room. The wind was warm, and it was so nice to sit and listen to the ocean.




So many places we stopped looked just like a postcard.

Had to visit King Kamehameha.

Lots of folks enjoyed this very calm swimming spot.


There, now I feel much better. It's nice and dark out, so I can't see the frozen tundra on the other side of my window. I can go to bed thinking of warm trade winds, sunny skies, and cocoanut drinks 🙂 Not that I'm griping or anything.





Of Roses and Poodles

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The date is wrong on the photo, but a few years ago we took a wonderful vacation to Portland, Oregon. I have been getting a lot of garden catalogs in the mail the last month, and it makes me think about how much I enjoyed visiting the Rose Test Garden at Washington Park in Portland.


I didn't have much of an opportunity to grow flowers before I moved to the CottageLodge, because the yard at my little house was so tiny and shady. Once settled here, I began gardening in earnest and really enjoy it. I am not terribly knowledgable still, but run on the premise that if I think a plant is pretty, I stick it in the flower bed, and if it lives, oh happy day, it's welcome to hang out, drink water, and snack on as much horse manure as it likes 🙂 .


I had always been terribly prejudiced against roses and poodles….I thought they were fussy, needy, and way too froufrou for my tastes. Then by a strange twist of fate, I ended up having both! A lady in my town wanted to adopt a little dog. My Mom was friends with the lady that ran the Animal Welfare League in Montana. We ended up being the shuttle for a little white female poodle from the AWL to the lady in town that wanted her. Long story short, the lady had her for about 4 days, then decided she had forgotten just how much trouble it was to have a dog, and wanted to give her back – UGGHH – people! The poor little dog was blind in one eye, and had a big tumor on her hip, and I was certain that if we took her back to the AWL she would be put to sleep. So, guess where she came to live…..ya, at the anti-poodle girl's house. And I luv, luv, luvved her. She was the sweetest, smartest, most loyal little dog a body could ever hope to have for a friend. About 4 weeks after I got her, she got really sick in the middle of the night, and I was sure she was dying. I was just ready to call the vet, and out popped a puppy! That poor little gal had 4 babies that night; 2 were stillborn, 2 were OK. Who knows the extent of neglect she had suffered, and then to be pregnant to boot. Well, she was done with that part of her life forever, because she had a new mom that just so happened to be a born again poodle lover! I also ended up keeping her little boy baby, and one of my Grandma's best friends took the little girl baby (8 weeks later). At that time I had a Schnauzer, an Australian Shepherd (and they both came with wacky stories about how I ended up with them!), a Momma Poodle, and a baby Poodle, and was so breaking the law! The legal limit was 2 dogs per household in my town. Thank goodness I had awesome neighbors who didn't tattle on me. So, anyway, now I'm a confirmed poodle lover/promoter. Back to the roses 🙂

My house was on the garden tour several summers ago. I had (still have) what one lady described as an English style garden. My definition is “Hardiness prevails smorgasbord garden”. I had about one of everything that works for zone 4 tossed into my flower bed, sans roses. Then one year little son proudly presented me with a rose bush for Mother's Day. I thanked him profusely, all the while thinking ppfffttt, it'll be dead in 2 weeks time cuz roses are sissies. Being the ignoramus that I was, I planted it in far too shady a spot, and left it for a goner. No special treatment, no bug deterrents, no rose food. Imagine my surprise when about a month later I went out to water and found my forgotten rose with the most beautiful, perfect, pearlescent white rose gently waving in the breeze. Hokey Dokey….Lesson learned, and I was more than a little ashamed of myself for being such a horrendous rose snob. That little rose bush bloomed it's heart out all summer long. It later got transplanted to a nice sunny spot, and now has about 8 other rose bushes for company, along with the menagerie of other whatnots that live in the garden. Roses are wonderful, give it all they've got plants. In my experience, they are very hardy and really do not require babying in the least. And what a pay off! So beautiful, and nothing smells as wonderful as roses in your yard on a warm summer evening. When the trip to Portland was in the planning stages, the test garden was at the top of the list to visit. What a treat it was! You really should make it a point to visit this garden if you ever find yourself in Portland some summer. It is phenomenal!










Source Google

(Not pics of my pudoodles, but cute ones!)





Weekend Fun

It's finally warmed up a smidge here…..That calls for a celebration! We're going to hop on over the hill tomorrow and go to the Little Bear Antique Show and Sale. I hope it will be as wonderful as it usually is – I have some Christmas monies burning a hole in my pocket 🙂 and there needs to be some serious cabin shopping done!

I made the little card thingy above with 2 apps I have. The first one is called Waterlogue. It is so much fun. I used a photo I had taken of the cabin, chose the look I wanted from several options Waterlogue offers, then turned the photo into a water color painting! I added the “painting” to my personal photos, so I could pick it later for posting or to copy etc. The second one is Martha Stewart craft studio, found here, where you can turn any picture into a cute card, or make one without using a photo at all if you choose.

So, we went from this,

To this,

And finally, this

Gosh, I feel like I'm in summer camp craft class!


Teresa 🙂



Deja Vu….. New England

My bucket list contained 4 very important things to me (gosh, that must be why it’s a bucket list!), one being a trip to Vermont. In the last 4 years, I have been lucky enough to vacation in New England twice. I absolutely love it there – don’t ask me why, but I have felt drawn to that area for as far back as I can remember. Our last visit there was in September last year, and it was a miracle that we were able to go. Bruce had a bad motorcycle accident in the mountains here last August. He completely severed 3 of the 4 ligaments that hold your knee together, which required a pretty extensive surgery. That was bad enough, but to complicate things even more, he already had our trip to Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine lined out, plane tickets bought, and deposits on condos paid. So how was this poor broken fella going to make it thru the bazillion antique stores that were the biggest part of our plans? I guess where there’s a will, there’s a way. He started out barely being able to make it down our sidewalk on his crutches, but just kept working at it and building up his strength on them til when it was time to go a month later, he was darn near a pro at it. But getting thru airport terminals on crutches is no easy task. Flying out was dreadful. Making the connections was really a challenge. We did not check any luggage because we knew how hard it would be with just me as the pack mule. I had his carry on, my carry on, my camera, and one little canvas bag to pack treasures back from our trip. I knew restraint would have to be practiced (not easy for me when antiques are involved), and I would have to be really impressed with something in order for it to go in my treasure bag. We arrived safely, got to our rental for a good nights rest, and were off and running the next morning.

Our rental in NH for the 1st 4 nights

We stopped at every antique shop we came across, took our time wandering thru them, and really enjoyed ourselves. If we had a nickel for every time Bruce had to explain his boo-boo it would have paid for our trip 🙂 .

We found this cute shop a day or 2 into our trek, and I found something I thought was amazing enough to go into the all important treasure bag.

And here is my awesome, super cool find!!!


Well, I sure thought it was – Bruce kinda looked at me like I’d lost my marbles, but he shrugged and went to haggle with the gal a little bit. He got her to come down $6 off the price, and the chief was mine! It’s a very old candle holder, the likes of which I had never seen before.

So, I’m just as pleased as punch, and we keep on shopping. Bruce is doing great, we’re having wonderful time seeing so many wonderful sights and beautiful scenery. I’m in leaf peeper heaven!



A few days later we drove to Maine. On the route 1 coastal drive from York to Wells there are a ton of amazing antique stores. We stopped at a very large shop in Ogunquit, and I found another small, extremely pretty (well I thought so) piece of history to go home with me. It was a beautiful little hand painted swan, made in Czechoslovakia. She was carefully wrapped and packed into the canvas bag with the other wonderful necessities I had found in our travels.

A few more days of sight seeing….





and too soon it was time to jump on the plane for home. It was tricky, but everything I had literally stuffed into the canvas bag made it home unscathed.

Now, the funny part about this whole story is, this summer I was rummaging at an estate sale where they had just dumped things everywhere at this property – inside the house, outside on tables and blankets, in sheds, barns, and shops – and what do you suppose I found

Yep, another chief! My eyes about popped out of my head. There was no “negotiating” over this one – the price was 25 cents!

And it wasn’t but a few weeks after this positively miraculous event that I was at our little town’s thrift shop, and low and behold

another beautiful little swan from Czechoslavakia! 1 Dollar! Can ya believe it? How ironic that we flew clear across the United States, I was lucky enough to find 2 lovely old things that I thought were so very unusual, just to come back to my little Montana hometown and find their near twins! What the heck are the odds?






A quick break from the long winded long journey saga.

It was our wedding anniversary the other day! We made a fun day of it. There is a lot of awesome stuff to see and do in Montana if you’re willing to drive a tad bit to do it. Some of the touristy kind of stuff tends to shut down after Labor Day, so we decided to make hay while the sun was shining, and take a road trip. Mr. Bruce took a vaca day, we hopped in the truck and headed down the pike to Ennis and Virginia City.

Ennis is a cute little town, good art and antique shopping, the Madison river runs thru the town and is very popular with the fishermen. It was so busy when we were there I couldn’t get a picture of the downtown for all the traffic. I did catch these 2, a mere block off the main drag, having a nice apple snack.



We moseyed thru lots of shops, then went on to have a gourmet lunch of hot dogs and nachos at the gas station. Delish!! Onward to Virginia City –

Virginia City is a ghost town, brought back to life as a fun, touristy destination. I have been there innumerable times because 4 generations of my Mom’s family has lived and worked most of their lives in the Madison Valley. Here’s a quick picture tour.











Imagine my surprise when I saw this picture at the museum, in the ladies bathroom no less.

It is a photo of my Grandma’s grandparent’s (so my great, great grandparents) general store in Laurin, MT. We were told lots of stories about her adventures there when she was a little kid. She and my Granddad are 97 years old now. They live here, but still travel to the Madison Valley at least once a month to visit folks there.

When we got home, Mr. Bruce gave me 2 very special anniversary presents. Someday I must learn to zip my lip and not whine about cool things I see but won’t buy because I’m too cheap. Being the good hearted fella that he is, he very stealthily picks them up and surprises me with them. He probably figures he’s getting off easy, because then he doesn’t have to listen to me lament about them for a week or better 🙂 .

I thought these were just perfect Cottagelodge –



Better Homes and Gardens is pretty cottagey, Fishes are pretty lodgey! It’s just right!

And the second present I think is just stunning!

A giclee of a red fox! If lodgey is your cup of tea, I’m sure you agree with me.

I surely appreciate our fun anniversary road trip! Won’t be too long til the snow flies, so it was wonderful soaking up some late summer sunshine and pretty scenery.

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)