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Sleeping Giant


I never tire of looking at this handsome face. Can you see him? Whether it be under sunny blue skies, or star filled night skies, he slumbers away between the two mountain peaks that have held him for more years than are imaginable to me.


The Yellowstone River runs right on the periphery of our little town. The beauty it affords all our residents is unbound.


Sometimes, having lived here my whole life, this little town can feel a bit like living in a small box with a gerbil wheel. But, all you have to do to turn that attitude around is go for a short walk on the trails around the river. It only takes a minute of absorbing all the beauty around you to realize how very fortunate you are to be living smack in the middle of all this goodness. I have traveled to some awesome places in my life, and can fully appreciate how lovely they are, but it's pretty easy to come home when you live in this wonderful state of Montana.

The Canadian Honkers are plentiful on the lagoon that is nestled in Sacajawea Park, right across the road from the river.



We've had a lot of snow and cold blustery weather already this early in fall. I woke up to crystal clear blue skies this morning after several days of grey and gloomy ones. I grabbed my iPad, tossed Glee in the car, and zipped to the river to get a few pictures. We are famous for the wind in this area so I made haste before the wind started whipping, taking all the leaves with it. It was worth the zipping 🙂





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