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My Secret Garden

Yup, it's summer. I practically need a flashlight to get from room to room in my house because everything in my yard is so big and green and forest-like, it makes it very dark in most every room.

This is an unusual year for my flower gardens. Almost everything that is flowering right now is in shades of lavender and pink.

The Bleeding Hearts were very pretty this Spring. Too bad the bloom lasts such a short time.

The Fern Leaf Peonie was loaded with blooms this year. They, too, have a short time span for their blossoms.





My kitties are sure happy to be out camping in their basket on the front porch. They use the doggie door to come in and eat when they feel like it, but for the most part, we rarely see them in the house all summer because they turn into “Porch Panthers”!


These are Dames Rocket. Their blooms last a very long time and smell heavenly, a lot like carnations, or cloves. You have to monitor them fairly tightly because they will happily take over your entire garden.



I planted pink Lupine last year, but so far only the established purple ones have started flowering.

Still waiting for my other peonies to open. The Fern Leaf Peonie beat these by a whole month. That's OK with me. That way, when they all take turns showcasing, you have something pretty to look at all summer.

This is variegated Dead Nettle. The have a very tiny, delicate pink flower, and are a wonderful, hardy ground cover.


In about another week I should have a some beautiful red roses to admire.

It's been a very cool, wet Spring here in my part of Montana, and the plants love it! Today is my day off, so I hope to make some rhubarb jam and rhubarb crisp. I have a bumper crop of it this year.

I miss playing in my yard, but it's nice to know that I'm getting some moolah to get my big little son thru school, and fix up our cute, derelict little cabin….. and the gardens seem to be perfectly happy without me hovering over them!





3 thoughts on “My Secret Garden

    • @Sharon: Hi Sharon! Thanks for taking a peek at my blog! The plant covering the archway is Virginia Creeper, the trees you asked about are Quaking Aspen. “Quakies” grow abundantly in the Mountains in this area. They put out lots of volunteer trees that run off tap roots,so if you have a wide open area you would like treed out eventually, Quakies are a great option because they give you lots of baby trees for free! I have my fair share of weeds for sure, but grass creeping into the flower beds is my real headache! Variegated Dead Nettle seems to do OK in both shade and partial sun at my house. I do live in town, but right on the very outskirts, so no neighbors behind us, just wide open space. There were 2 antelope grazing in the big pasture right at the end of our street the other day! Good luck with your garden 🙂

  1. Wow! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Do you live in the country or the city? I’ve always loved cottage style gardens like this and yours is gorgeous! What is that green leafed plant that form an archway to your front walk up to the porch? Thank you for sharing all this beauty. How do you keep the weeds away? I feel that I’m always overtaken with weeds, in the mulch or garden beds without it. Maybe I should try the Variegated dead nettle as a ground cover in the problem areas. Then I wouldn’t need mulch. Is Variegated dead nettle a shade or sun plant?

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