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I Will Not Say The “F” Word (Fall will not be uttered)

Well, just look at what we woke up to yesterday morning….

It was a balmy 37 degrees when I got up this morning. What the heck…? Plenty of the Old Timers around here are already comparing all the folklore signs that are sure fire indicators that it's going to be a particularly nasty winter – NOOOO!!! Not ready for it!

We need some more of this –

And this –

Not this

Or this

Miss Asia must know that there won't be much more of this warm weather left, too.

She's just been soaking it up these last few weeks when it was in the high eighties. She's been lounging in this spot on the lawn so much that it's made a little nest tucked right in the grasswhere she lays.

She and her little daughter were snuggled up on the rocking chair on the porch when it was so cold this morning, but came in the house a little later in the morning, I'm sure to get thawed out. We have a fire going in the wood stove…….We actually had to start a fire in the stove Saturday night, AUGUST 23rd, and have had it going since :-/

But, there's always a silver lining – with all this rain/snow/cool, it really brings the fire risk down significantly in the forests up here, and that is surely a good thing.

Hot chocolate anyone? 🙂





3 thoughts on “I Will Not Say The “F” Word (Fall will not be uttered)

  1. I’ve been enjoying reading about your life in Montana. I had to chuckle at this post because I’ve listened to my in-laws say the same thing about the Montana weather for years. Whenever we visit at Christmas, it’s guaranteed to hit 25-below. I always tell them, if it wasn’t for winter, Montana would be as crowded as Florida. LOL! I hope old man winter stays away a bit longer and that you have a beautiful mild fall!

    • Thanks for stopping in, Laurel! I’ve only gotten a few comments in my year of blogging, so it’s super exciting for me when someone leaves a note 🙂 I’ve been popping out gray hairs aplenty over our Montana weather – Usually it is bone dry in August so we picked this nice, dry time to have our house re-roofed. Wouldn’t you know it, a big ole thunder and lightning storm last night (with just a smidge of rain, thank goodness), but looking kind of iffy over the next few days. I hate beer, but I might take it up in the next few days 🙂 Thanks again for visiting! Stop in again sometime. I’m always looking in on your blog; I’ll make it a point to have better manners and leave a comment.

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