RIP Blogsy

Mr. Bruce has a monster computer set up in his office here at home. It always has globs of his work related stuff running full bore on it, so I don't go near the darn thing. I have my little iPad that works perfectly fine for what I need.

When I decided to have a blog, Bruce volunteered to set it all up for me. I snapped up that deal without blinking! (He is the computer Guru in our household.) He set it up so that I could post to the blog with the app “Blogsy”, using my iPad. It has worked fairly well over the last few years. There have been hiccups occasionally, between Apples quirks, and problems that would pop up with Blogsy, but Bruce was always able to sort things out and get everything running again.

Well, I have been trying to post for a month, and it's a no go. It absolutely will not upload photos. After researching the problems I was experiencing, we found that the “Blogsy” originators are apparently calling it quits. They said they are not selling enough of the apps to make it worth their while to continue fixing problems as they develop over time. So, I'm out of business for awhile. There are a few other apps out there that enable folks like me to be able to blog on their iPads, but it is basically starting from scratch again. Poor Mr. Bruce is still so tied up with this months long project he is involved in for work, that he cannot spare the time to try to get this blog on it's feet right now.

So, it's adios for awhile, hopefully not too long! There's lots of cabin reno to share in our future, and always something pretty to snap a photo of around here, so hope to be back soon.

Take care, and

TTFN (ta ta for now) 🙂