Christmas Decorations – 4

Knock on wood, it seems everything is working this time. Good thing – I was on the verge of inventing some new, very naughty words, trying to get the darn thing to publish before. Not a good way to get in Santa's good graces.

I think this should just about wrap it up. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CHRISTMAS! Thanks so much for stopping by so I can share my expression of the season with you. We don't get a lot of company, so I'm glad you folks come on in my humble abode and take a peek at things I cherish! That makes it worth all the effort!














Here's wishing you all a blessed and merry Christmas! I hope Santa is very good to you, and all those you hold dear.





Christmas Decorations – 3

Next batch 🙂

Because there are so many pics I'm not gabbing much, but if you would like to know more about any of my decorations, go back to December of last year in my archives. I included a bit of history about most of the things I put out. My Mom, who is wonderfully talented, made many of my decorations.
















Cross finger these go thru! See you for part 4 in a minute.




Christmas Decorations – 2

Yay! It went thru! Guess I can only load about a dozen pics at a time. More makes Blogsy wig out. So, here goes round 2 –












On to the next dozen! Sorry this is a pain in the neck to hop from post to post, but can't get them to publish otherwise! So, thanks for sticking with me for the Christmas tour.



Christmas Decorations – 1

Tis the season! Time to festive-ise the CottageLodge! I love looking at Christmas open houses. I've recently seen about 30 bloggers Christmas home tours, and something that surprised me is most were pretty conservatively decorated. Most were elegant or cute, but fairly minimal/streamlined.

Boy, not me. I like to fill 'er up. I have never had a “themed” Christmas, just the same old, cherished things I've had for years. This year I put out probably half of all my decorations. I only decorated the living and dining rooms, keeping the back of the house/family room baby (puppy) proofed.

I will get on with the picture tour and hope it works this time. Blogsy is what I use to post on my IPad, and it is giving me a hard time – this is my 3rd try to get this post out. I am going to break it into 3 or 4 posts in a row to see if I can get it to publish. So here goes part 1, cross fingers.











OK, we'll try to get this published, and hopefully I can come back with another batch if this goes thru!

See you in a minute!




Growin’ Up, As Babies Will

Declan is turning into a big girl.

I believe she may have just entered the “terrible 2's ” in doggie years.

She just can't seem to contain herself when it comes to tormenting my old cats.


I'm sure Angel is thinking “maybe if I just ignore it, it will go away”.

The darn pesky thing.

The funny thing is, I think Angel really does like that wild little puppy. She doesn't have claws in the front and when she is chillin' in the chair, Declan will bounce up and down in front of the chair and they play “box the puppy pest's ears”. And when they are both on the floor, Angel spends more time chasing the puppy than vice versa. Angel won't run from her. They both seem to think they're having a wonderful time. But my old mama cat, Asia, just spends most of her time downstairs rather than fiddle with the brat. My kitties are 16 and 15 years old, so a new wild and wooly baby beast in their house is a big adjustment.

But Declan really is a good little baby, and tries her darnedest to listen and behave. It's just so hard when you have that much vim and vigor all bottled up in such a small package!


Everybody does get an occasional break. She's so busy growing she has to get in some battery re-charge shut eye.



Then it's re-coop time for everybody else. Wonder if this is the siamese version of the Vulcan mind meld…..two heads are better than one to devise a plan to defeat the enemy!

My good, sweet Glee has the patience of the Saints, and just plays and plays with the wild thing (and snoozes with her, and her boy).

We're all very lucky to have had this little bright spot land at our house and in our hearts! She's a good one!