Some More Just Pretty

We took a ride up the valley a few days ago, just to soak up some gorgeous springtime scenery. It did not disappoint.




I am so very blessed to live here.

Here were a few gals napping and snacking closer to the fence near the road. Their little babies were playing nearby.



I thought she was particularly cute, so I played with her photo a bit, and might have one of these transferred to a small canvas.






I was surprised at how clear the water was. Usually when the snow starts to come off the higher elevations, it really muddies up these small tributaries, and they really start to roar.

Anyway, it was a fun day spent with my little family, and I cherished every minute.






Bruce had to take a road trip for work last week, and he was kind enough to stop and take a few pictures of this spectacular sight to share.

Horses grazing on the Big Sky horizon. Looks like a typical Montana vista, right? …….. Not quite!

Can you see why now?

These are all sculptures! A wonderful gift to Montana from a very talented artist. Find more of his story here. Check it out! There are terrific close ups of the sculptures, and the artist's story.

Two of the sculptures were stolen from this site awhile back, but thankfully were recovered and returned to the “herd”.

Be sure and bring binoculars if you ever plan to do a little tourage in our beautiful state, and this is just one of the things you'll be able to see up close and personal!


Teresa ๐Ÿ™‚



Hey, Where Did It All Go?

Made it thru the first week of the new job! Only a few mental collapses, a handful of melt downs, maybe 2 or 3 near complete nervous breakdowns. I think I masqueraded quite well and succeeded in containing most of it fairly neatly inside my little pointed head. I'll just keep chugging my tension tamer tea and hope for the best!

I am going to have to work on some pretty severe brain retraining methods, though, because this job requires that I WORK EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY (Gasp!!) I am going to have to give up my very most favorite-est thing in the whole world – rummage saling ๐Ÿ™

Oh Lordy Moses, how will I ever cope?

Anyway, while I was at work Saturday, Bruce and our big little son decided to try and forge their way up to the cabin. Since we were not able to mud bog our way in a few weeks ago, Bruce was getting a little anxious and wanted to make sure everything was OK after that huge, deep snow started to dissipate. So imagine their surprise when they were able to actually drive up the mountain the 5+ miles, and found green grass growing around the cabin!

So, we've gone from snow clear to the top of the gates and halfway up the cabin, to driving the truck right up to the front door! Go figure!




Ah, springtime in the Crazies. (Maybe the name says it all!)

Luckily, there didn't seem to be any new damage. Lot's of assessing pictures were taken, and now a remedying plan can start to be formulated.

They saw a moose this trip, but it was lightly snowing, and the phone camera doesn't have much of a zoom, so all in all not too clear.

She was still there when they came out, but was further away.

Maybe winter is behind us now, and we can begin to look forward to starting this new adventure! I am so anxious to spend time at this cute little house in the mountains!


Teresa ๐Ÿ™‚



Lots O’ Changes

It's been a couple weeks since my last post. Boy, lots can happen in even such few days. We've had a birthday, a holiday, a funeral, a “possibly won't need surgery” doctor visit (fingers crossed – only minor surgery, but no surgery at all is a much better option), a new job!, and a new camera. Talk about hills and dales.

Anyway, I finally caved and got an awesome new camera (Canon EOS Rebel T3i). I was determined not to spend the money on something I felt was such an unneeded extravagance, especially with all the cabin repairs looming ahead of us this Spring and Summer. Good Mr.Bruce, who had been encouraging me all along to just do it, said it could be an early birthday present, to which I added it would also be a Mother's Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas present…….for the next 4 years. But, I think this will be a good investment in banking our memories, and I plan on making this camera earn it's keep. I'm going to document the dickens out of this cabin rejuvenation ahead.

It did help ease the guilt a bit that the day I got the camera, I also found out I would be starting a new job! Yup, I've been a kept woman for the last 3 years. My last job spanned from kid-hood, to sprouting-gray-hair-hood. I worked for the same outfit from just a bit out of High School, to 3 years ago. That encompassed my entire adult life. IN. ONE. PLACE. I did some major soul searching and finally came to the conclusion that there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing, and I bailed. Talk about scary! It felt akin to jumping out the door of a jet airplane with a little, tiny parachute pack and arm floaties on. I discovered I love being a homemaker, but unfortunately it doesn't pay too well! And with a kid in college, and a new hobby (aka cabin) which I have a feeling may get to be a bit expensive during the extreme makeover that's coming, guess it's time to wake up and smell the coffee. I'm very optimistic about this new job as it is a complete 180 from what I did before; and I plan to jump in with both feet and give it my all. I thank the good Lord for this opportunity, and thank my good friend and neighbor Eileen for giving me a heads up, and a leg up on this terrific job!

So, in my last few days before jumping back into the job pool, I've been dutifully studying the camera manual, and researching tutorials online. But today I decided enough was enough, and I just wanted to go out in the beautiful Spring Day and play with the darn thing! Here are the results of my folly ๐Ÿ™‚

I am very intrigued by the old advertising art painted on the sides of the downtown buildings here in our little town. A lot of effort has gone into trying to preserve these icons, and I think they are wonderful!







I think these photos prove that this is a pretty phenomenal camera when clear, sharp pictures come thru in spite of the ding-a-ling that was pushing the buttons! I'm anxious to learn how to properly operate this camera, and discover all the added nuances it offers as you gain knowledge and confidence.

When I step out my front door and turn right, this is the view I am gifted with! Our house is on a hill above the town, so our view is pretty much unobstructed. Look at that beautiful blue sky!

The biggest problem I had with my little point and shoot was trying to take pictures inside the house. Try as I might, I could never get any kind of sharpness on anything inside with the lack of natural light in my very “treed in” house.

Well, this pic and the next few, were taken in my basement, without a flash! I was impressed with the detail it showed for sure.



And these next were using the close-up function on some new posies appearing in my garden


So, onward and upward!! And here's hoping the best is yet to come!