The Fish can’t live in the cupboard

When we remodeled the kitchen I wanted a huge window. My house is pretty dark inside because I have a bajillion trees in my yard. I try to cater to the winged things around here, so everything I plant is to try to benefit the birds, butterflies, and bees. Especially the bees because they are having such a rough time right now, and we need 'em!! (Who else is going to do all the pollinating?) I figured a great big window would give me one room where I could have the luxury of a little sunshine, even with all the trees. The only problem with that is it didn't leave much space for upper cabinets. None of my lower cabinet drawers were big enough to hold plates and glasses, so I found a couple cute, smaller, old cabinets that I could squeeze in, and went to work on them.

Even the paint brush I used came from a rummage sale!


This beauty was a $2 garage sale find.


Look how many different colors it had been in all it's years.

Bruce and I built a chalkboard to place to the right of the vent hood. I have a big problem with needing things to be symmetrical (which Bruce never lets me live down), and I felt this balanced things a bit better. I looked everywhere for another cabinet the same size as the one to the left of the hood, but no luck, so a chalkboard the same width and height as the cabinet had to do. The little cabinet came from an antique store outside of Portland. It was white, had clear glass in the door, a mirrored back, and was meant to sit on the floor. When I got it home I painted it black, had Bruce replace the mirror back with wainscoting, then painted the inside cream. In this picture the tile backsplash isn't up yet, but I already had the tile, some of which are slate with a pinecone design sandblasted on them. I made a photocopy of the pinecone tile onto sticky backed paper, stuck the paper onto the door glass, and cut out the pinecone design with a scripto knife. You can buy acid for glass etching and that is what I used. Then we screwed the cabinet to the wall, and filled 'er up! I also painted and acid etched the glass on a little old medicine cabinet I found, and put it on the adjacent wall at the end of the window. The bigger cabinet to the right was easier because it already was a kitchen cupboard and just had to be painted, no glass and such to fiddle with.

Getting ready to start the whole process of pineconing and acid etching the glass.


The light has to hit the glass just right in order to fully see the pinecones.

The larger cabinet on the right I use for plates, bowls, and glasses. It isn't deep enough to lay plates flat, so I bought an Ikea pot lid holder to put in the cabinet, and put the plates upright in the holder. The cabinet on the left is for spices and other cooking things.

I'll do another post on the kitchen later and show you the backsplash and everything else finished. These pictures were about 3/4 of the way thru the remodel.

Anyway, after all this cabinet information and stuff, the whole point of this post was to show you where I ended up having to put my neato fish anniversary dishes. It turns out they are too tall to fit into the cabinet. I couldn't bear to not be able to look at them and use them, so I copy catted something I saw awhile back.



This great old tool caddy fits the bill. I found it at an estate sale this fall for a whopping $5. Cleaned it up, polyurethaned it, and those fishes fit in there swimmingly (sorry ๐Ÿ™‚ ). It even has zinc tacked on the ends, so it custom coordinates with my countertop!





Kachina Dolls

I am a collector – Boy, am I a collector. I may need help, I'm so good at collecting ๐Ÿ™‚ . Anywho, here is one of my collections. Most people may not see a collection of these too terribly often. I haven't seen but a few folks that have more than one or two Kachina dolls. Some may think they are quite homely. Personally, I think the are very intriguing and beautiful. They also hold a lot of tradition and meaning for the Hopi tribespeople that carve and decorate them.


Most are signed on the bottom by the artist that created them. The little short one (sort of in the middle) was given to me by my Mom. When she was only in second or third grade, one of her teachers did a study of American Indians as part of the curriculum. My Mom was very intrigued, and took it upon herself to write a letter to a particular Reservation inquiring about different things. Several weeks after she sent her letter, she received a small package in the mail which contained a very nice letter answering all her questions, and also this little doll. I don't know if it would be considered a Kachina or not, and she couldn't remember the details in the letter (it has been long since lost), but he is very cherished. Maybe he is the reason behind why I started this collection.



I'm still digging for pre-remodel pictures; don't give up on me!





Sleeping Giant


I never tire of looking at this handsome face. Can you see him? Whether it be under sunny blue skies, or star filled night skies, he slumbers away between the two mountain peaks that have held him for more years than are imaginable to me.


The Yellowstone River runs right on the periphery of our little town. The beauty it affords all our residents is unbound.


Sometimes, having lived here my whole life, this little town can feel a bit like living in a small box with a gerbil wheel. But, all you have to do to turn that attitude around is go for a short walk on the trails around the river. It only takes a minute of absorbing all the beauty around you to realize how very fortunate you are to be living smack in the middle of all this goodness. I have traveled to some awesome places in my life, and can fully appreciate how lovely they are, but it's pretty easy to come home when you live in this wonderful state of Montana.

The Canadian Honkers are plentiful on the lagoon that is nestled in Sacajawea Park, right across the road from the river.



We've had a lot of snow and cold blustery weather already this early in fall. I woke up to crystal clear blue skies this morning after several days of grey and gloomy ones. I grabbed my iPad, tossed Glee in the car, and zipped to the river to get a few pictures. We are famous for the wind in this area so I made haste before the wind started whipping, taking all the leaves with it. It was worth the zipping ๐Ÿ™‚





Pre-Halloween Mantel

I'm having a heck of a time scrounging up pictures of my house before we really tore into the remodeling phase. I would really like to have a starting point reference to share, for anybody that likes that sort of thing. Personally, I live for before and afters ๐Ÿ˜‰ . I really do appreciate seeing how rooms/houses evolve. I feel that all the care, thought, interesting colors, furniture choices, decorative additions and such a person shows in a home, let other folks see the heart of that person, sometimes so very different from how they present themselves in every day life. So I'll keep digging for those pictures, and get a post together for a little later, but for now I'll show you my pre-Halloween mantel in my bedroom. We're in the middle of a big tear-it-up project (which I will also share later), so I'm lagging in my fall decorating.

I just have a little point and shoot camera, so nothing too fancy here, but it lets me share my heart ๐Ÿ™‚ .


A pretty wreath my mom made for me


A little robin's egg shell I found in my yard


One of my favorite things to look for on walks, heart shaped rocks


A couple feathers from the naughty, noisy magpies that live in my yard, and a few cute, quiet little birds



The fake logs make a great night light with their pretend flickering fire