Bark in the Park!


As an aside, before I delve into part 2, I thought it would be fun to take you to the Bark in the Park event they have every summer here. It’s a hoot!

I love poochies!

I even happen to have a few – My gal pal Glee Tallulah (Pembroke Welsh Corgi), and my pardner Rootin’ Tootin’ Twister “Rooti” (Australian Shepherd/Border Collie cross), resident stock dogs for my 3 lot spread up here in Big Sky Country 😉

I’m going to let them stay home today while I attend the annual “Bark in the Park” fund raiser for the animal shelter here in town. Glee told me she and Rooti don’t feel like hobnobbing since it’s so darn hot out.

It was fun to watch all the events, and the dogs seemed to know that the afternoon was all about them. I didn’t see even one dog get cranky with another, it was just all about having fun!

They had a “which dog could jump the furthest” contest. They would throw a ball into the pool and supposedly the dogs were to leap into the water and retrieve it….the biggest majority of the dogs would outfox everybody and run to the pool stairs to walk in rather than jump! Everybody had a good laugh over those. A couple did eventually jump in and they of course won ribbons!


There was every size and shape.

These 2 were “sisters” from the same family.

This was Mo, a skateboarding superstar.

This was a very friendly little “fairy goddog” named Delta.

These little babies were all for adoption. They were all so busy and wiggly I unfortunately only got pictures of their south ends when they were headed north.

Anyway, it seemed a fun time was had by all, and I think they were able to raise a goodly sum of money for the shelter!

All in all, an awesome way to spend a beautiful summer afternoon.

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)

Teresa 🙂



The long, long journey

Probably the biggest majority of this blog’s content will pertain to all the ups, downs, sideways, lefts, and rights it’s taken to get our home to where it is today. It’s been a long haul, and we still have lots of unfinished projects, but at this point in time we’ve gone from this

to this, and have earned each and every one of the gray hairs we’ve sprouted in achieving this transformation.

This house was 37 years old when we bought it, and only a very few families had given a hoot about it in all that time. My good neighbors, who built their house a year prior to this one, said they can’t even begin to recall all the people that have lived in this house as it was sold over and over again, and many times was even used as a rental. This resulted in basically a revolving door of people coming and going from here. So, the poor little house with no name went from bad to worse, in a steady decline from neglect and abuse.

During all the trials and tribulations this house was going thru, I was happily living on the other side of town, in my first home, an “itty bitty” 97 year old, but well built, well cared for little cottage.

Well, Mr. Bruce decided it was high time to get hitched (he had been waiting a very long time) and I finally acquiesced. So began the hunt for a new abode, sad as it made me to leave my little house. If by chance you end up following this blog, you will see that I have a penchant for collecting junk, stuff, do-dads, valuable antiques and family heirlooms. There was no way I could squeeze Mr. Bruce and all his belongings in to my already full quarters. He also needed a garage (as he has a tool hoarding disorder all his own), and the lot the little house sat on was only about 4200 square feet. I gots to have my posies, trees, and veggies, so there was surely no room to build a garage!

Well, this long, long journey is a long, long story, so in order to not take up all your valuable blog cruising time, I will call this Part I, and we will continue on with the saga next time!

TTFN (Ta Ta for now),

Teresa 🙂